Concept Video

This is a concept video for the project Kate Saunderson and I are embarking on as we speak.

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Video Vibe

I spent the majority of today creating a short video about myself and my intellectual interests within design ethnography.

Today was filled with plethora of firsts for me. It was the first time I created a video cast of a presentation. It was the first time I recorded and cut together a video on my PC. It was my first time to upload to

It was also my first day of taking boxing lessons, which was great for relieving the frustration and stress I built up while trying to make technology acquiesce to my request to make this video. Sometimes working with computers is part voodoo magic and part logical brilliance. I suppose though figuring out how to do it the first time is the hardest.

Enjoy the video!

Tea Time

Eight days ago was the first day of this new semester for the Masters of Design Ethnography course and the Masters of Design course. On this first day we were split up into teams of two and assigned the task of creating instructions for how to make a cup of tea for someone who does not speak your language.

Cora Albrecht teamed up with me and we were off and running. She thought the best format for our instructions would be a flip-book (a short book where the flipped pages create an animated image). I agreed with her and we sat down to work. We worked quickly and with no conflict. It was clear to us that we had to keep it simple and leave out the words because that would go against the constraint of language. I was immensely pleased with our final effort and Cora’s hand drawings gave the flip-book a nice personal touch. Later Cora photographed our work and set it to music resulting with this lovely video. Enjoy.

I think this was a wonderful example of our quick prototyping abilities and a good way to introduce us to the meaning of Strategic Information Design. It made us immediately consider the complexities that underlie the need for strategic information design and it was fun.