The Cumulative Effect of Design

The cumulative effect of design is epic. I am not going into the can be, should be, would be. Simply the cumulative effect of design is epic.

When you first glance at something and you instantly understand it then it is legendary. All that Apple hub-a-lub is exactly what it is because there was an epic effect created by layers and layers of design, technology, and human insight. It is the insight I am interested in most of all.

I am obsessed with design for humans and interactivity. I am specifically trained an focused on the understanding of people and their needs and motivations, but because this is a business world we live in I am spending more and more time integrating what customers want and the businesses goals. It sounds so simple as I write it down here, but it is not.

Business goals and customer wants are simple enough to reconcile when you are directly catering to you customers in order to extract the cash, but modern business is ever so much more complicated. For example what is your “customers” are really your employees? You want them to perform their task as efficiently as possible but they hate the tools you provide to accomplish the task. Your customers could be the volunteers who work with your organization. How do you get people to stay engaged and happy working for free?

It is the cumulative effect of design that makes software seem like your buddy, your work seem like play, and makes your days bearable and sometimes if we are lucky better for us all.

Tactile Cookware by Neora Zigler

I’ve been wowed this morning by this brilliant set of tactile cookware designed by Neora Zigler. Just scroll down through this page, Tactile Cookware, and you can see in photos the design process at work.

You really have to watch the video to do it justice.