Online Overload

This morning in Strategic Information Design class I was overwhelmed. Lauren Currie came to speak to us about social networking and online presences. She outlined the major web tools she uses to network online including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, blogging, and others. The discussion focused on the creation of your public professional online presence and how you can accomplish what you want to with it. I was overwhelmed and exhausted by this discussion.

I don’t want to live on the internet. I came to study Design Ethnography precisely because I was interested in studying and helping people. When I was graduating from my undergraduate university (wrapping up intensive work in international business, Spanish, and marketing) I was lured into considering a Masters in Business Administration.  I seriously thought about the implications that would have for my future and then I promptly turned on my heel and walked away. I was not going to be boxed into a gray humdrum existence as a mid-level manager. So I set out on this grand adventure to become an ethnographer.  Today I consider myself an ethnographer, and an quite happy in the path I have taken and the things I am learning.

There is a looming cloud on my horizon. I will have to put on my marketing hat again. Today has reminded me of the importance that presenting and selling yourself has, especially in an emerging field like Design Ethnography. Yet, I am tired by the thought of carefully crafting and managing this endeavor. Overall though I am going to suck it up and do it. In fact I am doing it right now by blogging thoughtfully and slowly weaving together the facets of my life. I think it all comes down to cohesion. Its so hard to be wholesome and even more to become whole while still presenting yourself to the world.

I think I will begin by listing the online services and tools that I use. Then I will decide which ones are useful and which ones I should add. I will go through my bookmarks and organize them. I will set up my homepage on my browser so that it really represents what I look at first and what I need to see when I open up the internet. I will begin to consciously manage my online time and interactions.

2 thoughts on “Online Overload

  1. Thanks for saying what I think we are all feeling Alicia – and so eloquently.

    Yes balancing ‘being a real person in the real world’ with “being a visible ‘person(a)’ in the virtual world” feels odd, tiring and somehow a little squalid. But I guess all of us need to try and find a “path” to achieve honesty, engagement with ‘the real world’ and a foothold in the world of ‘presence’ if we are to achieve the things we desire. And at least we have like minded friends to do it with 🙂

  2. This is so brilliant to read Alicia. Thank you 🙂
    Wise to decide not to live on the internet and to think clearly about the decisions you make about being online.
    I wish you the very best of luck with your time at Dundee and as I said – I am always here to answer any questions or give any advice I can!
    L x

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