Human 2.0 publishes commentary on our research

Click for the Human 2.0 Blogpost about our Patterns of Play research

Human 2.0 is a blog that focuses on how our interactions with technology change us. Interestingly their mission is very much in line with my recently completed Masters thesis, the Patterns of Play project which Rachel Shadoan and I conducted this last summer. One of the major driving factors in our work was our conviction to uniting quantitative and qualitative research methods. Along the way we were hit by the huge impact data and stats have changed how we self assess and monitor progress. We were astounded by how the data and stories correlated and woven back and forth along a narrative told in personal accounts and serious game play data. We were delighted to be on the cutting edge and looking into the abyss of human behavior metrics and building a ladder bridge down into it with player’s stories.  What we have conducted so far is only the first inklings of a proof of concept study, we have a lot of work awaiting us in the future and are so excited to be able to think radically and work in such an innovating fashion. This is what happens when you put two minds with very different skillsets onto an expansive problem and see trust and collaboration bloom and bear fruit. This fruit will be planted in order to grow the next stage of our novel work. All of this we do in order to better understand ourselves, those around us, and to help create more responsive and efficient technology. A tall order, but with a little help from our friends we can surely do it.