How fungus foraging is like business + South Aussie guest blogger: Mel talks mushroom foraging!

Boletus Edulis a.k.a. my precious
Boletus Edulis a.k.a. my precious

I am a fungus fanatic. I have always adored hunting for our fungus overlords. I affectionately call them a variety of pet names.

Boletus Edulis, or Porchini as you might know it, is a find that never ceases to make my heart flutter. It is a hobby with magnificent rewards and myco-mania at its best.

I often liken it to business development activities. The parallel is natural to me. To be successful you must look under dozens of trees. We forage in a variety of micro climatic, time disparate, 4 dimensional spaces in order to identify the moment of finding our target. Similarly in business you must have your finger on the pulse in order to pursue the fruitful endeavours that make you happy and make you money.

Once you have found the identified and qualified target, you must inspect it thoroughly for defects, hangers on, and possible future problems. Then you weigh the decision does it belong in my basket? Is it good enough to carry all the way back to the car, drive home, clean and cook / dehydrate? Same with projects and business pursuits, is it worth the slice of my time that it is going to require?

Next comes the risk radar and decision making equipment. Do I want it? Will it be right? Will it go as planned?

The answer is always it depends.

Fungus and business my two hobbies for life.

Have a gander at this simple post from fellow fungus fanatic Mel Haynes.

Guest blogger: Mel talks mushroom foraging!.

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