What I’ve learned this year: how to be a snail in the dark

snail in the dark
No need to run in the dark, likely a snail will conquer the ambiguous darkness by testing the environment.

This year I have been seriously focused on a specific mission in my growth, focusing on strengths & building an advocate base in hostile turf. Often this makes me feel like I am crawling along at a snail’s pace deep in a dark ambiguous place, with no knowledge what kind of dangers are around me. This has helped me to slow my roll and learn new skills to test the environment around me before making grandiose leaps of effort which might have little impact.

Our project this year has been a whirlwind opportunity that has allowed me to grow my skills and resilience by huge factors. Most importantly I have learned few key super powers I’d like to share with you:

1. The power of the one pager
A well thought out and cleverly designed story on a single page gets more buy-in than all the reams of research behind it. A one pager done well can take you longer than a 10 page report, but its so easily shareable and gets your message across well.

2. The power of the live visualisation
A good doodle on a whiteboard goes much further than all the research, reports, interviews and client quotes you can find.

3. The power of ‘covert network comms’
As you try to go around and get buy-in from seriously busy people, whose diaries are always chock-a-block… it is often easier to go see all their direct reports individually and communicate with the whole network covertly before you can reach the top dog. Giving people a sneak peek is a great feeling and a good way to gather and incorporate their critiques making the whole a more successful endeavour.


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