Career math

Kate Saunderson has done a great summary of good career advice article.

interested and interesting?

Source: Career rocket rule: Whether you’re a millennial or eyeing retirements, heres what you really need to get right about work a blog post by Brian Fetherstonhaugh sent to me by Alicia Dudek to put things in perspective.

Thoughts: The article begins with you undertaking some simple arithmetic, it asks you to subtract your current age from the number 62. This sets the scene for the rest of the article, namely, how many years do you have left to work. I have, at least, another 35 years, all going well. So what do you do with that time and how, if you are near the beginning, do you comprehend what that means and act strategically?

Fetherstonhaugh references the work of Malcolm Gladwells work in outliers, the concept that it takes 10,00 hours to become excellent at something. So in my dream scenario where I only work a 32 hour week…

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