Plant Wars Player Patterns: Visualization as Scaffolding for Ethnographic Insight

Hey c’mon everybody! And READ! Rachel wrote this about our badass project from back in the Masters day! Hooray!

Ethnography Matters

Editor’s note: This post for the April ‘Ethnomining‘ edition comes from Rachel Shadoan and Alicia Dudek. Following on the past posts about hybridmethods, this one features another interesting case study involving an on-line role-playing game. Their work correspond to a different approach, based on visualizations, than what we saw in the twoprevious posts.

Rachel Shadoan @RachelShadoan likes to find answers to interesting questions, and build interesting things using those answers. Currently she is answering interesting questions in the Intel Labs using a combination of data visualization, data mining, and ethnographic techniques.

Alicia Dudek@aliciadudek is a design ethnographer and user experience consultant
. Her passion is  finding unusual solutions to the usual problems. Currently, she is finding unusual solutions for Deloitte Digital, where she specializes in engaging stakeholders in research insights through participatory design workshops.


A few weeks into our study of Plant Wars, an online…

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