Nowadays what project isn’t Agile?

Seriously, everything is Agile it seems, and a lot of it is simply called ‘design thinking.’  One reason could be that you have to work in the Agile manner in order to compete in constantly disrupted markets. Beyond that, it might be the oldest artifact of design thinking turned business process. According to the all powerful wiki, Agile started sprouting in 1957. (Don’t know what Agile is? I wiki-ed it for you  here )

Furthermore working agile-style applies to many domains, not simply software or web development. It helps eliminate the expensive downtime of people with super specialized skill sets sitting and waiting for “their turn,” something that is bound to increasingly occur as complexity envelopes us. You might not think about it often, but the things we use and depend on everyday are the products of A LOT of highly specialized skilled people. A company generally wants to profit somewhat from the products it makes, and hence working un-Agile-ly is simply a high cost and high risk maneuver, considering the state of economies and market competition.

I personally like it because its so personable and has a veneer of Buddhist thought to it. I am an iteration junkie, maybe that grew out of obsessive compulsiveness and perfectionism, but in an iterative cycle you can always go back and fix a little, just straighten it up you know what I mean?

Another reason I might be a fan of Agile is that I am a firm believer in the awesome Dwight D. Eisenhower’s idea that,  “Plans are nothing, Planning is everything.” How many times does the wrench get thrown in the works? Followed by the whole toolbox’s worth of knots and kinks, which is an apt analogy because so often your own tools are what complicates and works against you during a project. I think I’ll lead the Agile life, it’s all just an iteration you know?

Agile, it's just so bendy and zen how could you not love it?

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