The dissipation of Peter Pan Syndrome

First things first, I reviewed a new video game by Youda games, whose games I love for their television-like ability to turn your brain off and suck you deep into a mindless trance. No, no that’s a good thing especially when you head is swimming from finally having realized, oh my lawd I am a bonified adult.

I now have a full time job as a strategic development associate for a small consulting firm in Brisbane. I am not exactly doing user research, but every single skill I learned in the course of studying design ethnography comes into play every single day in new and surprising ways.  For example, my first week I had the senior leaders of the firm create a mind map of the highly tailored services and products they create for their clients. It certainly surprised them and created a new way of viewing what they did. Pretty amazing considering they had never mapped their outputs or inputs before this! I created some organizational systems, but keep putting the new filing and folder organization processes through iteration after iteration attempting to tailor them more to the staff’s work flow and organic way of working. It’s hard to do ethnographic work underground, especially when your participants are your co-workers. I doubt anyone really knows what I am doing or why and how it might make a big value adding impact to their work, but I will find out how to present it soon enough. All the diagrams and nifty systems in the world won’t make a bit of difference if no one understands or uses them. So I will shrug off the Peter Pan flag I have been flying and get to work.

Click on the image to take a peek at the review for Youda's Survivor2

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