HCI2010 – Dr. Niki Lambropoulos Delivers Group Awareness Guidelines

Dr. Niki Lambropoulos
Dr. Niki Lambropoulos

Dr. Niki Lambropoulos, the organizer and 2nd speaker for the Group-Awareness in Online Work, Learning & Games Workshop, bamboozled me with so much information I don’t know where to dive into all the rich interesting things she presented.

First I learned two new acronyms from Dr. Niki. Why what acronyms you ask, well  CSCW? computer supported cooperative work and its partner CSCL? Computer-supported collaborative learning. She oulined how the foundations of all collaboartion are aligning goals, times, and activities. Niki brought up how the spectrum of working together is based on the 3 C’s –  communication coordination convergence, just like many of the design process focusing on iteration as well as divergent and convergent progression of the project. What this means is that people need to join in on one idea in the end to collaborate.

Dr. Niki put is simply, “we don’t know how to be together.” It is a tough job to get a learner learning and a group collaborating, she says “playing together requires effort and technique.” we need to have methods and tools to work effectively and efficiently online.  She mentioned how our social awareness changes online, that our presence and perception of being real in an online environment can change how we work together online.

Her final slide displayed it all quite succinctly:

“We are socio-cultural beings.”

– Get serious about collaboration

– Play, work, & learn together

– Learn the techniques

– Design the tools

– Make the effort to be together

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