HCI2010 – Carina Roels embarking on a Phd and teaching project management through e-learning

The 5th and last speaker of the morning for the Group Awareness Workshop was very interested in improving motivation for online learning.

Carina’s main interest has been in her teaching of project management. She clearly articulated how difficult it is for people, even in face to face situations, to understand what is project management. She has taught to a variety of people from technological and business backgrounds.

She delineated between group awareness, knowing who we work with and how, and larger community awareness, which is a different kind of awareness. Then she presented the question all clients and business ask, “is e-learning as good as face to face learning?” The answer is irrelevant, we will have to use online learning to educate efficiently and broadly. Sticking to face to face methods simply is not cost effective anymore. Her Phd will focus on looking at self and group motivation over multiple online cross-cultural project management courses.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the next few years!

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