PROTOtyping 2010 Day 2

The second day of the PROTOtyping 2010 Symposium began slowly, very slowly with participants straggling in on their own time. Perhaps the cocktails at the DCA the night  before and  the jet lag of some had slowed down the whole audience to a crawl.

Dr Glenn Adamson from the  Victoria & Albert Museum London presented an opening address for the day that woke the audience up immediately.  His talk on Corporate Craft: The Artisans of Detroit began with unforgettable video from the days when American classic cars were designed. It struck a chord with the industrial designers in the crowd as they harkened back to their roots with the screen filled with molds and models.

The rest of the morning was a blur of slides and speakers except for Dr. Stuart Brown’s stellar presentation on Prototyping for High Value, Time Poor Users. His innovative and pragmatic approach made me very proud indeed of University of Dundee’s  own Institute for Medical Science andTechnology. He illustrated an array of common sense tactics for negotiating the multifaceted environment of designing instruments for surgery.

After lunch Professor Pieter Jan Stappers form the ID-StudioLab at the University of Delft was the first speaker after lunch on Day 2, a really tough time slot. He powered through it all with his high energy talk about prototyping in virtual reality environments and maintaining the sketch feel of a prototype. He reminded us all that a prototype is something we make to learn form it. His talk was entitled Prototypes as Central Vein for Knowledge Development,

Dr Rosan Chow from  Deutsche Telekom Laboratories spoke about The Method Rip&Mix & Reflection on its
After that the afternoon flew by and the PROTOtyping 2010 Symposium was over as fast as it had started. I learned a lot and met some great people. It was a worthwhile experience.


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