Strategic Information Design Final Deliverables

On the 30th of April I posted a blog entry detailing the final products that I was planning on turning in for my Strategic Information Design Course. It was an overly simplified website showing what design ethnographers do and a profile page that was like a taste of a resume. In hindsight I suppose I had been having too much fun making the deliverables and had not spent enough time thinking about what the professor really meant with the assignment.

I wanted my assignments to be simple and playful. I wanted them to convey only a few key pieces of information in a manner that was painless to the reader. I had been wrong in my assumptions. I had emailed my professor the final products a few days before the deadline and she got back to me really quickly. She said these were not even acceptable submissions and that I should re do them both before submitting. I did so and am still nervously awaiting the grades for the new pieces of work.

The website I submitted can be found here:

I cannot post the new leaflet as it contains sensitive client information.

Overall it was a shocking experience for me and I am still coming to terms with how my first attempts at these deliverables could have been so far off the mark.


2 thoughts on “Strategic Information Design Final Deliverables

    • Yes Chuck the window on the project I was hoping to email you about has passed. But if you play any kind of games on computers, I would love to interview you for my new project about gaming?

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