Strategic Information Design: A new way to present profiles and e-introduce yourself.

UPDATE: The below post was accurate at the time I posted it but when I sent the assignments off to my professor she informed me that they were completely off the mark and I should re-do them all before submission. I did so and will post the redone leaflet and website in a new blog post May29th, 2010

For my Strategic Information Design class, Prof. Hazel White asked us to deliver two things at the end of the semester.
1. An A4 leaflet including text, image and diagram.
2. An Online page which includes embedded video, text, and image.
A simple task you might think, but it’s not.
Information design is tricky and doing it strategically is exhausting. Exactly, because the options seem limitless this task can become daunting. I reverted to my old ethnographer self. I asked, what would my audience do?

I saw an opportunity in creating the A4 leaflet as an alternative kind of profile page which could be a preface to the regular laundry list of job experience that clutters up our resumes and CVs.

I think that the two versions below certainly portray a different vibe. Please tell me what you think in the comments section below.

Well then I had one of Prof. Hazel’s assignments done, now it was time to focus on the webpage. Oh how I dreaded webdesign and graphic design. Don’t even get me started on photo editing! Somehow I pulled through and created a nice little webpage intended to function as an e-introduction for myself on the internet. Take a look at it here:

Hi, I’m Alicia. I’m a Design Ethnographer.

These are my two versions of  “The New and Improved Cutting Edge Profile.” Spot the different?

The New and Improved Cutting Edge Profile with Fascinated Face
The New and Improved Cutting Edge Profile with Calm Face

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