”Solidrność” / “Solidarity” -a prosaic poem about ethnography

Life has revolved around a whirlwind of deep ethnographic work into the blogosphere.

I have been interviewing people and transcribing those interviews into written records.

Soon I will combine the written transcriptions of the interviews with my partner Kate’s notes.

We will then stir in the various websites, blogs, academic papers, articles, videos, projects, and reports we found in our research.

Soon we begin the steeping, letting the people, processes, and publications stew together.

After they have mashed up nicely we pull out all of our analysis and distillation skills.

We create sieves, filters, and frameworks to hang our nicely laundered data and information on the line to dry.

We carefully comb through the stories our participants shed and begin to weave the larger picture.

When we have woven a beautiful tapestry depicting the landscape from our point of view on this day, we rip it to shreds.

We gnash through our own carefully interlaced meanings and definitions pulling apart the strands of our weaving.

We begin again.

We weave again.

We paint the canvas white and throw the colors at it once again.

Finally we must stop, stand back, and observe what we create.

In the near future we will have to stand behind our work and in front of our peers.

Judgment is coming.
and only our “Solidarity” will stand.

3 thoughts on “”Solidrność” / “Solidarity” -a prosaic poem about ethnography

  1. I see much strength here. As sturdy as a rock that’s unmovable. Dependable. Enduring. Ever faithful through all kinds of weather.


    Long may she hold and comfort us.

    michael j

  2. Remarkable match between the text and photo – it serves to emphasize not distract.

    I identify to everything written, but would like to say that solidarity does not have to mean only you, ill be there watching, supporting, agreeing.

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